"I refer to Clementine’s profession as being a “Life Magician.” Her wide skill set, fierce intelligence, and meticulous empathy make her absolutely incredible at what she does as a professional organizer. I hired Clementine to help me FINALLY organize my closet/room that still had unopened boxes from moving many, many months before, as well as for several other small physical organizational nightmares that were taking space up in my house but more importantly, my brain! I had never previously needed help in my life doing these tasks but I could not seem to get them done in the face of running my own business, adapting to living in a new place and traveling for work often.

Clementine came in with a pure enthusiasm for making lives truly easier & went to town on giving me the closet of my dreams. She helped me let go of many clothing items that truly weren’t not serving me anymore & could now serve someone else so much better. She gave me a system of organization I can easily stick to & maintain. I have so much more time in the morning & during the day now to do other things & be productive. It used to take me an embarrassingly long time just frantically running around trying to orchestrate an outfit out of an “organized” mess of about 1,000 pounds of clothes. For someone with a scatterbrain, this cost me time, energy & space in my brain that is now free. I can finally see all the clothes I have! And easily plan & put together outfits out of the clothes I know I am going to actually want to wear! Hiring Clementine has been invaluable to me & I will continue to do so for any organizational help I ever possibly will need. She’s a true genius in logistics & efficiency." -Chelsea

"I can’t say enough about how much Clementine helped me organize my apartment! She lovingly talked me through what I needed and didn’t need. She helped me build systems that I have been able to keep in place even after a move into a new house (because they’re realistic and tailored to me!) I really appreciated how she walked the line between loving encouragement to declutter and recognizing my specific needs and quirks. On top of it all, I looked forward to getting to spend time with her. I would recommend her to anyone (and do whenever I get the chance)." -Molly

When my partner and I moved into together for the first time, I knew we needed some help making our new house into a home that really worked for us, and supported our busy life as entrepreneurs.  This is Clementine's secret superpower... she isn't afraid to throw out all the "rules", in service of creating a space that works perfectly and particularly for YOUR life.  My fiancé and I wanted separate bedrooms that reflected our own personal style, and I needed a home office for all my creative pursuits... none of which we had enough (or workable) furniture to fill.  We were turning our ADU into an Airbnb at the same time we were moving in, and to top it off I was leaving town for 2 weeks.  Clementine saved us.  She came in and handled everything from custom design (that fit us PERFECTLY) and furniture ordering, to unpacking and assembly, to closet clean-out and custom organizational systems.  If you want to spend your precious time enjoying your home instead of working on your home... just hire Clem.  You can't outperform your environment, and you deserve a home that makes your life work. -Kiki

I first hired Clementine to help me clear out my closets...but soon realized her talents spanned far beyond organization. It was like everything she touched, moved, and set up turned into something beautiful. So I hired her to redevelop my attic workspace (which I was beginning to dread even being in but had no idea how to fix). She assessed how I use the space and what I need from it, as well as what sort of vibe I was going for, and then took care of EVERYTHING from start to finish....she selected and ordered supplies, cleaned out all of my junk, and designed and set up the space while I was out of town. I came home to a completely new space - one that I love beyond words and that I am so inspired to create in. I am SO IN LOVE with this space and it truly feels like it's mine now. This was the single best investment I've made in YEARS and I can't recommend the magic of Clementine enough! - Megan

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